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Ends & Pieces

Ready for a new kind of snack?  These bite sized meat snacks are made the old fashioned way.  That means we take our time and we don't use fillers or tons of preservatives.  All flavors (29 in all) are gluten free, unless otherwise indicated, and full of protein.  It's something more than just a snack.  They are available in Meat Stick (8oz) and Jerky (6oz).


Applewood Smoked Bacon

You won't find a better bacon we are certain of it.  The process is agonizingly slow but so worth it.  It is slow smoked with applewood chips and cooked to perfection.  This will change the way you think about bacon.

Rope Style Zick's Sticks

Delicious German Style rope sausage. This is our most popular product.  It comes in a 12 oz package and is available in venison, beef, and honey ham.